Hello my name is Jasmine,

I am a first year occupational therapy student at Western Sydney University.  ‘Communication in Health’ is a health science unit of this degree. The unit is designed to develop communications skills, which I will use in my profession.

This ePortfolio  will provide the platform to engage, analyse and reflect on communicating skills I have developed. The portfolio will also allow for a deeper subjective exploration and expression of the content learned in ‘communication in health’.  This unit and what is absorbed from it will influence the way I interact with clients and coworkers. Enhanced listening skills, ability to empathise with clients and techniques to explain procedures, are just some examples of benefits from this unit.

As an occupational therapist it will be vital for me to be able to build a therapeutic relationship with my clients. This unit will provide the means to engage with my clients, so we can work together towards their goals.  Good communication skills will instill confidence of my abilities and intentions in my clients. Intra/Inter-professional communication is also a vital role in occupational therapy. This role is so diverse and I will need to communicate with various other health professionals as well as other occupational therapists. Communication in health has equipped me with an understanding of professionalism, respect, how to manage conflict and collaboration skills. I will no doubt take these many skills will me throughout my journey as a student and intern my career as an occupational therapist.

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