Now I am aware of certain aspects of myself, the image I portray and how others can interpret this, which was one of the most challenging aspects of this unit.  To receive feedback from peers and health professionals which may not be what you were expecting. This constructive criticism has influenced the way I will engage will occupational therapy clients in the future. The most rewarding aspect of studying communication in…Read more Conclusion


Management motivation

Management motivation Most clients of occupational therapy are required to put in time and effort, to rehabilitate at home or away from the therapist. This requires the promotion of self-determined motivation within the client by the therapist (Ziviani, 2015). This study states the "ingredients" for self determined motivation are autonomy, competence and relatedness, which I will strive to provide and promote.…Read more Management motivation

Written communication

  As an occupational therapist I will be required to document all aspects of treatment and interaction with the client (Willard & Boyt Schell, 2014).  Clear, concise, policy abiding, private and relevant information will be recorded and kept accordingly to communicate treatment to others in a written format (Clark & Youngstrom, 2013).  This guideline shows the importance of good clinical documentation,…Read more Written communication

Management styles and communication conflicts

Confronting conflict directly, being aware of other people's feelings, to work in collaboration as an occupational therapist, to resolve conflict has been my take away message from this unit (Jourdain, 2004).  Clients can benefit from professional conflict as it can stimulate interest and prevent stagnation (Jehn, 1995).  I will use a collaboration style of conflict management which should lead to a win-win for all parties involved. Management styles…Read more Management styles and communication conflicts

Ways of working in an inter-professional team

Ways of working in an inter-professional team If an occupational therapist is employed in a hospital for instance, inter-professional team work will be practiced (Lewis, Bartlett, & Patel, 2016).  The review shows effective collaboration can influence better client outcomes for clients.  This subject will help me deal with conflict arising from within the team and perform in unison with my colleagues towards client goals (Willard & Boyt Schell, 2014). Pictured above…Read more Ways of working in an inter-professional team

Communicating with clients who have a disability

Communicating with clients who have a disability Communication with people who have a disability in occupational therapy can be difficult as the discipline requires physical contact (Willard & Boyt Schell, 2014). Speaking directly to the client at eye level will provide dignity for my clients (10 etiquette rules for communicating with people with disabilities, 2011). Occupational therapist treat people with disabilities on a…Read more Communicating with clients who have a disability

Communicating with others from a different cultural back ground

Communicating with others from a different cultural background When communicating with someone from another culture language, beliefs, customs, values and understanding must be considered (Prasad, 2015).  This article points out: Australia is a multicultural country, with over 6 million people born overseas. Taking this into account, as an occupational therapist I will need to communicate with people from different cultures.…Read more Communicating with others from a different cultural back ground