Now I am aware of certain aspects of myself, the image I portray and how others can interpret this, which was one of the most challenging aspects of this unit.  To receive feedback from peers and health professionals which may not be what you were expecting. This constructive criticism has influenced the way I will engage will occupational therapy clients in the future.

The most rewarding aspect of studying communication in health was, the group of people I had the pleasure of completing a group task with.  Before this experience I always loathed group assessments. I now look forward to working in a group setting within the health industry.

One skill I will take away from this unit is an understanding of the importance of body language, person can say so many things without words. The second learning outcome I will implement in my life is active listening.  Making a conscious effort to listen to understand not only helps me as a therapist to get the facts straight.  It also gives the speaker peace of mind as they have my undivided attention and instills confidence in the speaker. The final life changing quality I have come to appreciate is empathy. Identifying with other people’s life experiences and seeing the world through their eyes. To connect with not only clients in this manner but friends and family too, has been the most rewarding experience of this unit and my time at university.


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